He is the Star of the Show and he knows it. As a matter of pure technicality, he *is* a dog and thus the property of the Brooks family – but he also talks up a storm, loves to prank everyone around him to no end and has a commanding run of the house thanks to an attitude that doesn’t know when to quit.

 Bernard is naive, optimistic and friendly…all traits that constantly leave him on the receiving end of Dandy’s frequent pranks and jabs. And worse yet, he forgives and forgets, leaving himself the ever willing target for another attack!

Maryweather’s the perfect dog next door and the frequent focus of Dandy’s misguided affections. A reserved and well read dog, Maryweather has come to a quiet acceptance that she really does enjoy the chaos that comes with being Dandy’s on-again, off-again girlfriend.

She lives down the street from the Brooks family, and is the owner of Maryweather. She is prone to impulsive behavior and always follows her heart, even when a cool head might be in order. Audrey is a lover of the arts and can often be found pestering the level-headed Maryweather into helping her with her latest artistic endeavor.

Mistake possesses near supernatural levels of unstoppable cuteness and cheerfulness. He is so cheerful, he isn’t even aware of the mean-spirited jabs and verbal assaults thrown at him by his beloved “Big Brudder”. He’s also an inventive genius and lives in the Brooks family with Mr. Fuzzy and Dandy where he has collected a dangerous assortment of reality shredding inventions. He was given his... unique... name by his older brother, Dandy, who decided that his parents having additional puppies after him was obviously a mistake.

Bernard’s mother and an all around hater of all things “Dandy.

George is Bernard’s somewhat dense father and without a doubt the genetic source of Bernard’s naivety and blind optimism. He’s a closet geek and occasionally out of work architect.

Lutie is a displaced Florida Aligator that once followed Dandy back to their Ohio home from a theme park. She’s blunt and very direct but has since become quite fond of the gang and has formed a VERY unique relationship with Pumpkin, the proper Welsh Corgi.
The aforementioned Welsh Corgi, Pumpkin believes that all animals should embrace their inner wild nature and reconnect with their more primal roots. She embodies this belief badly by wearing glasses and owning a free range animal retreat called the Wild Oaks Ranch.
Calpurnia is a devilish cat that was once bent on world conquest and fueled by a hatred of all humans, that she calls “Pinkbellies”. She’s softened slightly as the companion of Mae Brooks due to bonding over their mutual hatred of Dandy.
Mr. Fuzzy is a hyper advanced robot dog invented by Dandy’s little brother Mistake. He’s generally pleasant with an overall feeling of being very put upon to have to put up with Dandy.


  1. Nice updated characters pics there Derrick (still sad that Snuffles is gone :( ), will you be adding Pumpkin & Lutie to this lineup as well?

  2. Eventually, all the secondary characters will be included. The characters added today have pre-existing art that was used, so for other characters, I'll have to draw profile pics, so it may take a little bit to get all caught up.

  3. Got a question. What breed of dog is maryweather?

    1. Hmmm.... I do not know? Any thoughts?

    2. I haven't read far but I would say she looks like a yellow chow/lab mix because of her snout and coat color