"On October 11th, 2001, "DANDY & COMPANY" premiered online as a brand new comic strip. It stared a sarcastic, prank-machine of a dog named Danforth "Dandy" Q. Dog, his somewhat naive and even tempered owner Bernard Brooks and his often put-upon parents. Dandy's little brother, Mistake, would appear regularly to irritate Dandy with a constant onslaught of cuteness and chipper energy and Dandy would find himself pining after his sometimes out-of-reach love, the thoughtful and beautiful Maryweather.

The strip was a product of it's inspirations that blended equal parts "Peanuts", "Looney Tunes" and "Carl Barks' Uncle Scrooge" to create a humor comic that tried to recapture to epic feel of the adventure comic strips of the mediums golden age. Since that premier, the characters have chugged along at a good clip with new adventures running five days a week online and multiple collections and original stories in print with a healthy collective of fans across the globe."*

*excerpt from "UNHOUSEBROKEN: The Secret History of Dandy & Company", on sale now from Lulu Press

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