Monday, September 26, 2016

New Strips Return November 2nd, 2016!


So, back in December of 2014 I restarted my webcomic, "Dandy & Company". And it was running weekly with new material for over a year. Then in the beginning of this year, I fell into a creative hole and new strips dried up. This was, I feel, largely connected to the initial stress of my coming out as trans and it took me a few months to find my footing. In that time, I've restarted working on "the Wellkeeper" and developed "Marjorie of the Weirdlings" as a new concept pitch. Stella got her groove back. lol

Now, before I dropped the ball, I was planning a rather epic "Dandy & Company" story that I was pushing as the "Adaptation of the Movie I'd like to make". I even made this art as a super snazzy faux-poster. THAT is still happening and I've begun working on brand NEW strips that will begin running weekly again on November 2nd. So I decided to re-purpose the promo poster to help push the return of the strip.

I just can't stay away from these characters for very long. Hope there are still a few of you out there that still want to see more of them too. lol


  1. Not sure how many in total, but rest assured I at least continue to tune in with hopeful expectations of more from this series. Good fortunes to you! I wait patiently :)

  2. It's nice that you're continuing this webcomic. I enjoy reading Dandy and Company and I'm looking forward to when you starting it again.

  3. Thanks. Hope you're all continuing to enjoy the new strips