Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Okay, let me just say now that I have NOTHING against Bronies or pony fans of any type. I just love the art style and it's amazingly popular, which made it perfect to end the series of running gags.

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  1. I know what your saying and i'm a Brony also and been years since i have read your strips back in the 90's and when you took it down i was sad for a bit. Till i find the ponies I thought of expanding it a bit but it falls on copyright issues and i don't want anyone from corporate hasbro serves you a cease and desist. But the idea is having a certain bunch of ponies *cough, cough, mane 6, cough, cough* but in a way that has no bearing to the characters has a crush on Dandy especially a certain western mare that will lasso him till Maryweather decides to break things up literally. Or background ponies can't mention any names *looks around* well i got to go before they find me great comic made my day.