Monday, June 29, 2015

Community Theater: Doctor Who

Currently, with my work schedule as a graphic designer AND the illustrator on the comic books, Carpe Noctem & Fetch: An Odyssey, there is simply no way to expand the schedule to anything more than once a week for new "Dandy & Company" comic strips. But I still kinda want to do MORE! 

Hence, the return of Dandy & Company: Community Theater in a new form: Sketch Covers. Over the last few years, every comic publisher out there has begun printing their comics with blank covers for artist to draw on. I even have one for my own comic, The Wellkeeper. 

So since I have a bunch of these blank comics, it would be fun to start drawing our gang of regulars AS these other characters for fun. As an added bonus, each weekend that features a new entry WILL be available for sale as original art for just 50 dollars! Just contact me at: derrickfish @ gmail . com (Remove Spaces in Email)

Hope you enjoy the new weekend feature!

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