Thursday, December 1, 2016

Cookies of Destruction

For those of you that are new to the strip, this is Dandy's little brother Mistake. Mistake is considerably smarter then Dandy, if more then a little naive. More often then not, his boundless enthusiasm and optimism drives Dandy bonkers. But in times like this, Dandy is more then willing to take advantage of his inventive skills.

 Hope you continue to enjoy this extended Christmas story. It will be running every Tuesday and Thursday through the holiday, when the strip will return to a weekly format. You can also read NEW strips a week ahead of their premier AND help support the continued adventures of Dandy & Company by becoming a PATREON Patron! ;)


  1. Imploding cookies would make a great novelty toy/snack. (Like pepper gum or garlic flavored throat lozenges.)

  2. The (technically unstated) problem Mistake is having is that they implode when EATEN. So they take you with them. This may end up inspiring another story at some point.