Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Enter: Jingle Force

This is a gag I've been wanting to draw for over 15 years now. I conceived of this basic story line before even launching the strip as an online webcomic. Back then, in my infinite optimism, I imagined that I could make this story as an animated special all by myself.

When I launched the strip online, I decided to sit on this tale, thinking that ONE day I'd have the resources to do it in animation. But this year, I decided to just put it out there as a series of strips.

 Hope you continue to enjoy this extended Christmas story. It will be running every Tuesday and Thursday through the holiday, when the strip will return to a weekly format. You can also read NEW strips a week ahead of their premier AND help support the continued adventures of Dandy & Company by becoming a PATREON Patron! ;)


  1. Like damn, Santa's packing.....powered reindeer! XD

  2. I love that the Infinisack and Jingle Force are copyrighted. Nothin' gets by Santa's legal department; eh, Dee?